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Du 13/10/23 au 13/10/23

Guided walk (in French): ” . Mushrooms, a world apart… Discovery walk in the Borchêne wood ” by Françoise Loret

In this autumnal period, it is in the Borchêne wood that we go to meet the strange world of mushrooms. Neither animals nor plants, we learn about their diversity, their adaptability and their secrets that allow trees to survive in difficult conditions. At the end of the walk, you will know more about these strange living beings and you will be able to recognise some of them. And if nature gives us the gift, why not take one or two home for a toast?

We will be 2 guides to help you discover this little world.

Departure: Hôtel du Lion, 48 route de la Gileppe – 4845 Jalhay at 1.15 pm

Duration : 1.15 pm to 4 pm

Price: 6 euros (free for children under 6)

Information and reservation required: Sandra Huberty on 0494/59.55.91